Verbatim introduces new PRIMALLOY BLACK high-performance 3D printing filament

Verbatim introduces new PRIMALLOY BLACK high-performance 3D printing filament

Literally announced the introduction of a new high speed, high performance filament for material extrusion called PRIMALLOY BLACKat which it is presented TCT show Later that month.

The filament is a new variant of the PRIMALLOY Product that revealed it almost three years ago. It will serve designers looking to create 3D working objects where flexibility and durability are paramount. Verbatim envisions that these applications can be used in the automotive, household and industrial sectors, including items from door locks and plugs to robotic parts and protective components.

PRIMALLOY is a thermoplastic ester elastomer (TPEE) that offers improved flexibility and rubber elasticity compared to standard TPE materials. It offers high performance properties in terms of mechanical strength and resistance to oil, base, solvents, chemicals, flex fatigue and heat as well as excellent properties at low temperatures and high hardness resistance over a wide temperature range, which makes PRIMALLOY particularly suitable for outdoor applications.

The latest Verbatim material was developed by the parent company. Mitsubishi Chemical. The company also offers PP, PET, BVOH (water-soluble carrier materials), PLA and ABS. All Verbatim filaments are made in Japan from high quality materials and manufactured with extremely tight tolerances to ensure even feed and stable pressure.

“Customers have been pushing us to bring a black version of our popular PRIMALLOY material to market and here it is,” said Shigeyuki Furomoto, manager, Global CEO Office of Mitsubishi Chemical Media. “We expect good demand as most applications that require a flexible material, such as door or window seals, handles, brackets, etc., tend to be black.”

PRIMALLOY Black will be among Verbatim’s products on display at the upcoming TCT Show in Birmingham, UK Booth E46 between Tuesday September 26th – Thursday September 28th.

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