FIBERLAB releases versatile and temperature fluctuation resistant Fiberflex 40D 3D printing filament

FIBERLAB releases flexible and temperature fluctuation resistant Fiberflex 40D 3D printing filament

Polish filament manufacturer, FIBERLABhas released a new flexible material that is resistant to temperature fluctuations, Fiberflex 40D.

FIBERLAB is one of the leading material developers in Poland – in 2016 it was named Polish Filament Manufacturer of the Year.

These are the mechanical properties of the Fiberflex 40D filament which is the newest product under the Fiberlogy FIBERLAB suggests that this could be a viable option for players in the aerospace industry. Students at the AGH University of Science and Technology used Fiberflex 40D to build the tires of a Mars rover vehicle for the 2018 University Rover Challenge and European Rover Challenge. Thanks to the material properties, the students were able to produce a tire with better ground traction and resistance to temperature fluctuations (from -40 ° C to 70 ° C).

In addition, the company expects the material to be useful for functional prototyping of products, product design and robotics.

According to FIBERLAB, the filament enables a fast filament despite its remarkable flexibility. A direct drive extruder can print at a speed of 45 mm / s. However, objects with a complex geometry can be printed at a speed of 60 mm / s or 75 mm / s. If using a Bowden extruder, the company recommends printing at a slower speed of 30mm / s.

With a Shore hardness of 40D, the material is also more durable than many others on the market, according to FIBERLAB. In addition, the diameter tolerance of +/- 0.02 mm makes feeding easier.

The material is available in sizes 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm from various resellers across Europe and at different prices.

In addition to Fiberflex 40D, FIBERLAB HD offers PLA, EASY PLA, PLA MINERAL, ABS, FIBERWOOD and HIPS filaments.

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