Tie-Dyed Filament Sings With Colour

Tie-Dyed Filament Sings With Color

Manufacturers dye all kinds of 3D printer filaments on their factory lines. why can’t we [Richard] goes one step further and creates its own multi-colored nylon rollers. Printing with these rolls creates a living pattern that simply demands our attention and asks us: how on earth?

[Richard’s] Tie-dye adventures are neatly documented in the blog. He simply spools up a roll of nylon and dyes subsections of the spool a different color. When the filament is “palletized” to taste, parts of the printer will burst with a noticeable ribbed pattern.

It’s worth noting that nylon is extremely hygroscopic, and dyeing filaments in a bath full of colored liquid is sure to add moisture. On the other hand, nylon’s ability to absorb water could be why it stains so well. Even so, the filament must be oven dried (or equivalent) to print successfully. After drying, [Richard] doesn’t seem to have any printing issues and the results speak for themselves.

3D printers may be frequent fliers on these sites, but we still love to see small modifications that add visual appeal. In addition, this trick produces spectacular results without any changes to the printer. On the other hand, if this job is just too much work for you, we recommend using a felt-tip pen.

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