Renegade 3D pen makes use of plastic bottles and luggage as filament

Renegade 3D pen uses plastic bottles and bags as filament

There are several 3D printing pens that use plastic filaments to create 3D structures that you can actually hold in your hands. One of them is the 3Doodler, who we spent time with in January 2015. What they all had in common was that the filaments used tended to be expensive. That has changed with a new 3D pen that is called on Kickstarter and is now called Renegade. This pen can print with these regular filaments, but the really cool part is how you can use plastic from bottles or old bags to create your artistic creations.

The Renegade pen has a screw advance mechanism and heating system. In this way, the pen can transport, destroy and melt the plastic tape made by the ChupaCut plastic bottle shredder. This rotating screw head pushes the plastic forward evenly and extrudes the molten plastic out of the nozzle. The plastic cools down quickly and results in a stable 3D structure.

The manufacturer says the device has “virtually no material limitations”. The pen is designed to use 5-7mm strips cut from PET plastic bottles, plastic bags or plastic files 0.14-0.35mm thick. Standard filaments made of PLA, ABS, nylon, TPE, HIPS, wood and other filaments with a diameter of 1.75 mm can also be used.

The Renegade pen is available in matte black or matte white and has a detachable attachment and a spool for tape. With the ChupaCut 3, 6, 9 or 12 mm plastic bands can be created. The Renegade pen is on Kickstarter and looking for a little over $ 32,000. He has raised over $ 38,000 at the time of writing. The Renegade pen and spool cost about $ 78. If you want the pen along with a ChupaCut bottle shredder, it will cost you around $ 118. A pen, cutter, and fancy stand kit costs $ 131. The dispatch is expected in January.

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