Filament Mud Filter Helps Hold Your Print High quality Excessive

Filament Dust Filter Helps Keep Your Print Quality High

If we’re honest, our workshop isn’t as clean as it probably should be, and many manufacturers are likely to say the same thing. This can have effects such as: B. clogging of the motors with iron filings or in this case dust, which affects the quality of 3D prints. With the aim of tackling this, [3Demon] built a fun SpongeBob dust filter for their 3D printer.

The filter works in a simple way. The SpongeBob shell is 3D printed in half, with a hinge connecting both parts. There is a piece of sponge in each half. The two halves are then snap closed, with the filament running through a hole in SpongeBob’s head and out through the (square) pants. When the sponge is wrapped up nicely, dust is wiped off the filament as it travels through the bob to the printer.

While it is important to carefully install the filament to avoid filament advancement issues, it is an easy way to automatically clean the filament during the printing process. You will be surprised how dirty your filament gets after a few months of sitting on the shelf. Removing such contaminants reduces the likelihood of troublesome problems such as delamination and jams. Avid printers should also consider making their own filament. Have fun printing!

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