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As many of our readers who use desktop 3D printers know, there’s nothing more frustrating than going back to your printer and waiting for a finished model, only to find that you’ve run out of filament in the filament or your extruder is clogged in the middle of it Process. However, that disappointment could soon be a thing of the past thanks to 3D printing systems based in Auckland, Australia. On September 1, 2016, the pioneers of 3D printing are launching a Kickstarter campaign for your 3D printer’s new best friend, the filament bunker.

The bunker is an intelligent filament cartridge system that allows users to monitor and optimize the 3D printing process. According to 3D Printing Systems, the bunker tracks every inch of your filament, offers a moisture and dust-free environment to optimize material properties and records statistics on printing times, duration, printing success and errors and the running performance of your 3D printer. With automatic dual feeder mechanisms that work independently of each other, users can use the bunker with multiple 3D printers at the same time, as well as a dual extrusion 3D printer.

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“I’ve helped hundreds of people with 3D printing since 2011, and there are so many variables in getting the perfect print. When 3D printers work, they’re great. Solving these common problems can be very painful. That’s why our team thought about how we can make it easier for 3D printer users. That’s why we developed bunkers. It works with any 3D printer and filament – we’ll be as good as anyone! “Says Bruce Jackson, the founder of 3D Printing Systems.

App + wifiThe bunker system allows users to scan the barcode of a specific filament, which loads the optimized print settings specifically for that material. After that, users load the spool into the cassette system and insert it into their 3D printer as usual. The filament bunker is compatible with filament sizes of 1.75mm and 3mm and works with nearly all filament types on the market including PLA, ABS, wood, copper, flexible, PETG, HIPS, PC. In addition, the closed environment of the system is said to work exceptionally well for hydroscopic materials such as PVA, PC and nylon.

The system is also accompanied by the bunker app, which allows users to monitor their printouts directly from their smartphone or tablet. If the filament is running low or an unforeseen error has occurred during the printing process, you will be notified by the bunker via the app. 3D Printing Systems will officially launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the bunker on September 1st, aiming to raise around $ 75,000 to get the intelligent filament cartridge into mass production. It also seems like a trustworthy and righteous campaign as 3D Printing Systems is one of the leading 3D printing companies in all of Australia and has also invested in the country’s STEM education. It currently sells desktop 3D printers, industrial machines, and even 3D scanning systems. It is safe to say that the bunker will be a well-tested system.

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According to the Australian 3D printing company, they have been developing their new product since February 2015, which has already gone through three prototype iterations. By repeatedly testing the feasibility of their product before it was brought to Kickstarter, 3D Printing Systems was able to ensure more than just an interesting idea, but also a properly working product. Ultimately, the quality result of printed filaments depends heavily on the environmental conditions, the print settings and a little luck. The bunker essentially optimizes and monitors this environment for the user so that he can continue on the path of innovation and leave all worries about the filaments to the smart cartridge. Continue the discussion on the Bunker 3D Printing Filament Cartridge forum on

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