Which Trade Anticipated to be the Largest consumer of Polyester Filament within the Coming Years mentioned in a brand new market analysis report


Northeast Asia is the focus of the global production of polyester filament yarns. Demand is mainly driven by the textile industry in India and China. The Polyester Filaments market report offers an overview of the market including key details regarding the current scenario in the Polyester Filaments market along with a segment and regional analysis.

The polyester filament market is expected to have sales of over $ 87,000 million by the end of 2018. Significant growth in the use of polyester in the textile industry, including apparel and home textiles, and the growing demand for polyester filaments in the manufacture of auto textiles are some of the major factors driving revenue in the polyester filament market.

The Fact.MR study assumes that sales of fully drawn polyester filaments are likely to outperform other types of polyester filaments. The continued preference for fully drawn yarn used in the manufacture of textiles and fabrics for high quality sportswear, underwear, and home textiles is driving the significant growth of fully drawn yarn in the polyester filament market.

The demand for drawn textured and fully drawn yarn is growing in the textile industry. However, with the development of aftertreatment technology and the lower cost of fully drawn yarn, it is likely to outperform drawn textured yarn in the next few years.

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Fully drawn polyester thread sales are also expected to remain high in the manufacture of polyester embroidery threads, which are widely used in sewing. India, China, Thailand and Malaysia are the leading manufacturers and exporters of fully drawn yarn in various countries.

The textile industry accounts for over 60% of the sales share in the market for polyester filaments

The demand for polyester filaments in the textile industry is expected to see healthy growth. The textile industry creates a strong demand for polyester filaments, which can to some extent replace cotton yarns.

With relatively higher cotton yarn prices, demand and sales of polyester filament yarn are steadily increasing.

The report believes that wider profits in a number of end-use industries will increase the percentage of polyester filament yarn used in products to control costs.

In recent years there has been a great demand for polyester filament for medical textiles covering a wide range of products including surgical gowns, diapers, and products for internal use such as surgical procedures. The demand is likely to continue in the coming years.

As the textile, apparel, retail and fashion industries move towards sustainability, interest in recycled polyester filament yarns in the manufacture of new products increases. In addition to technological developments in apparel and textile manufacturing, polyester filament manufacturers are constantly focusing on making recycled polyester filaments to meet growing demand.

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APEJ remains in pole position in the polyester filament market

According to the Fact.MR study, APEJ will be the most lucrative market for polyester filaments. Demand is expected to exceed 14,000,000 tons by the end of 2018.

China, India, Indonesia and Thailand are the major APEJ countries dealing with polyester filament. Polyester and nylon fiber manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region have also raised prices with the rise in crude oil prices and growing demand for synthetic fibers.

Home textiles are developing into the second largest generator of demand for polyester filaments, followed by clothing. In addition, India is likely to have a strong position and a large share of the global polyester filament market due to low labor costs and government initiatives to ensure stable power supplies, as well as the availability of inexpensive operations.

China continues to be a major supplier of polyester fibers, including recycled polyester fibers. However, the import ban on solid waste for the production of recycled polyester is likely to have an impact on the supply chain for polyester material.

Higher prices for polyester staple fibers can lead to increased demand for cotton.

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