Recycling second printers into 3d printing filament

Canon-used multifunctional device

These are the company’s first in-house developed products, established in Japan to achieve Canon’s sustainable development goals by recycling or reusing the company’s products.

The two materials are:

  • PC (polycarbonate) + ABS – recycled from outer casings
    Fire-resistant, heat-resistant and high-strength as the main material for printing objects
  • HIPS (high impact polystyrene, rubber mixed with polystyrene) – recycled from internal paper compartments (“cassette base”)
    excellent impact resistance
    Soluble in limonene and can therefore be used as a carrier material when printing other materials

Canon 3D recyclingBoth materials “have a proven track record as plastics and are widely used outdoors on multifunction devices and cassette sockets,” the company said. “Using the technology developed in recycling Canon products and shredding, cleaning and extruding the outside of the compound machine and cassette base collected from the market with the best technology, it is stable despite 100% recycled plastic. It has become possible to manufacture filaments with wire diameter accuracy. “

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