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It’s been a couple of weeks since we wrote about Graphene 3D Lab, which is pretty unusual. Since their founding in 2014, they have been pumping out new products after new products, patent applications after patent applications. The 3D printing industry, and the technology industry in general, rave about graphene as a “wonder material,” and the Graphene 3D Lab has stood out above all others in the print race. They haven’t developed a pure graphene filament yet, but they have incorporated the material into several of their products, including a conductive graphene / PLA composite filament.

BM3D-175-MAG-4TIn addition to working with graphene, the company has developed a number of filaments made from various specialty materials, including wood, glow in the dark, and of course conductive. The latest product is a magnetic filament, which is available now in the Graphene 3D Lab’s Filament Store, BlackMagic3D, and on Amazon. The iron-based filament made from a ferro-magnetic PLA material is described as ideal for 3D printing industrial components such as sensors, motors and mechanical actuators.

“It has always been the goal of Graphene 3D to create new possibilities for 3D printing. With every functional filament we bring to market, the types of 3D projects that can be successfully printed expand exponentially, ”he said Elena Polyakova, Co-CEO of Graphene 3D. “Since this filament is ideal for switches, sensors and actuators, we also expect this new functionality to challenge more traditional manufacturers to consider integrating more 3D printing technology into their manufacturing processes.”

The magnetic filament is available 1.75mm in diameter in 350 grams for $ 39.99. The color is flat black and gives printed objects a cast iron look. Due to the iron content, the filament is more brittle and abrasive than standard PLA. So expect increased wear and tear on your nozzle. Graphene 3D Labs suggests setting the first stage and using a larger or more wear-resistant nozzle for longer prints. However, unlike other iron products, it is unlikely to rust.

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The filament really carries a strong magnetic charge; For best results, Graphene 3D Labs recommends using magnets made of neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) or samarium cobalt (SmCo). The filament prints at a temperature of 215 to 225 ° Celsius; A heated bed can be used at 60 ° but is not required. The printing speed is approx. 60 to 80 mm / s.

BM3D-175-MAG-2TIn addition to the numerous industrial applications for which the filament is expected to be suitable, it has great potential in education. Magnets are fun in and of themselves, but having kids 3D printing their own magnets is another great way to incorporate 3D printing into science classes. And Graphene 3D Labs isn’t done yet.

“We expect 2016 will be a significant year for Graphene 3D in introducing new functional filaments,” he said Daniel Stolyarov, Co-CEO. “We have several new functional filaments in the development pipeline and expect several new filaments to hit the market over the course of the year. The availability of a wide range of functional 3D printing materials expands the possibilities of additive manufacturing and allows you to print projects only limited by your imagination. “

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