3devo Introduces Two New Collection of Filament Extruders –

3devo Introduces Two New Series of Filament Extruders -

3devo is a young company known for its filament extruders, which include the NEXT 1.0 and the 3devo Advanced. The Dutch company also markets a plastic shredder as part of its mission to simplify filament manufacturing and recycling. Now 3devo has announced two new product lines, the filament manufacturers the Precision series and the Composer series. According to 3devo, the new filament manufacturers are further simplifying the material manufacturing process.

“Our NEXT filament maker has found numerous uses in industries ranging from education and research to manufacturing and aerospace,” says 3devo. “They brought users a number of benefits, including shorter lead times, less material waste, and better control over material production. They also made materials research and customization easier, and introduced the precision of industrial filament manufacturing into desktop-based setups. However, we have recognized that our filament manufacturers can serve these purposes even better – if they focus on specific requirements. Our new filament manufacturers in the Precision and Composer series are specialized, results-oriented machines designed to simplify the material manufacturing process. Each in a different way. “

The Precision series of filament manufacturers enables mass production of 3D printer filaments with higher speed and improved diameter accuracy. It has a high-flow extruder screw that can be used to produce filaments without losing diameter tolerances.

The Composer series is designed for mixing and experimenting materials. Users can develop custom filaments from a wide variety of polymers and additives. It has a mixing screw that enables high quality mixing and compounding of the material.

Both series have two additional models that meet material-specific requirements. The Precision 350 and Composer 350 can handle temperatures up to 350 ° C, which means that they can handle materials like PLA, ABS, PC, PS, PETG, TPU, TPE, PPS, PA (6,12,66) and more can. The Precision 450 and Composer 450 can – you guessed it – process temperatures of up to 450 ° C and thus process high-performance materials such as materials from the PAEK family such as PEEK as well as power supplies, PTFE, PVDF and more.

The new filament manufacturers have several upgrades and improvements. Each Precision and Composer model has an improved extruder system with a new “interchangeable” design. The entire extruder system, including the screw, barrel, die head, motor, and heaters, is designed as an independent, removable unit for easy cleaning, repair, and maintenance. Users can easily disassemble and reinstall the system themselves.

In addition, the heating system was upgraded. All precision and composer filament manufacturers contain ceramic tape heaters with four controllable heating zones. Each heater is handmade in-house. The filament manufacturers also have funnels with closable caps to prevent material contamination. After all, the new filament manufacturers each have updated software that improves their thermal stability by up to 35%.

3devo has more in the works – the company is developing a web app with cloud access that will enable active data collection from extrusion tests.

More information about the Precision and Composer Filament Maker series can be found here.

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