Blog – Polymaker unveils PC-Max, their strongest 3D printing filament for load-bearing components

May 16, 2016 | From Alec

It must be a very busy time at Polymaker headquarters in Shanghai. Your crowdfunding campaign for the Polysher / Polysmooth layer removal kit is still ongoing (having raised more than $ 300,000), but they were also working on another major version of filament for 3D printers at the same time. Referred to as PC-Max, it is the toughest, strongest 3D printable filament ever – perfect for practical 3D printing projects, technical research, and structural components. They have added three new color options to their PolyPlus and PolyMax filaments.

Polymaker of course already has a wide range of excellent high-strength and impact-resistant filaments. So far was her strongest option PC plus, a popular polycarbonate filament with excellent material properties. PC-Max is essentially an updated version of PC-Plus designed specifically for mechanical engineering. It’s been in development for more than a year.

And like its predecessor, PC-Max was developed in collaboration with Covestro, formerly Bayer Material Science. Covestro supplied the high quality raw polycarbonate resins and worked closely with the Polymaker team to improve the filament formulation. “Covestro’s expertise, product portfolio and industry leadership will be invaluable to our mission to provide the industry with the best materials with the performance, reliability and safety that inspire our customers and expand our product portfolio,” said Dr. Xiaofan Luo, CEO of Polymaker.

What is special about PC-Max? In short, it has mechanical properties that you rarely see in 3D printing materials and is far stronger and more impact resistant than any other Polymaker material. “Polycarbonate has properties that make it very desirable to the entire 3D printing community, and PC-Max ™ makes it even better for creative designers and engineers at every stage of the production process,” added Dr. Luo added. PC-Max is also easier to 3D print than PC-Plus, which was 3D printed at 300 ° C – 320 ° C. In contrast, PC-Max can be 3D printed at a moderate 250 ° C – 270 ° C.

Most importantly, PC-Max is extremely strong and brings all of these mechanical properties to desktop 3D printing. According to Polymaker, all tests showed that parts made with PC-Max performed much better than other PC components in numerous deformation modes. While high heat filaments can be plagued by warping, Polymaker has also reduced the likelihood of this happening by minimizing the residual tension on the filament. In addition, the filament can easily be sanded, coated and subjected to other post-printing processes. PC-Max withstands temperatures well over 110 ° C, is flame-retardant and resistant to chemicals and solvents – perfect for technical environments. If you are interested, the filament will be available in the Polymaker website this month and costs $ 39.99 per roll.

Coincidentally, the busy Polymaker team has just added three new colors to its PolyPlus ™ and PolyMax ™ filament range: True Green, True Gray and True Purple. This brings the full numbers to 11 true colors and 4 translucent options for PolyPlus and 10 true colors for PolyMax. The deep green and purple options should provide a perfect aesthetic effect, while the real gray option should be very appealing to the busy technical user.

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