Blog – Artist creates amazingly lifelike tree sculpture utilizing 3D printing pen & wooden filament

March 5, 2018 | From Tess

There is no question about that 3D printing pens can be used to create some pretty amazing and creative things. Of Fashion to 3D images and sculptureFor years people have been pushing the artistic boundaries of the 3D pen medium. However, never before did we have to take a second look at a 3D pen sculpture to see if it wasn’t.

The artist Martin Binder has created a four-meter-long birch tree sculpture with a 3D printing pen and a wood-plastic composite filament. The piece entitled “Portrait of a Birch” can currently be seen in Berlin’s Super Bien! Contemporary art greenhouse where it is hung in a glass case.

From a distance the 3D drawn tree is scary and one could easily and falsely believe that it is a real birch branch hanging behind glass. On closer inspection, however, the precisely drawn lines of the plastic of the 3D pen become clear. Amazingly, the 3D pen’s plastic filament mimics the pattern and visual structure of an actual birch tree.

For an additional feeling of authenticity, Binder decided to work exclusively with a filament made of plastic and birch wood. He adds that he has carefully studied natural birch trees to perfectly capture their appearance. “My eyes were the 3D scanner and my hands were the 3D printer,” he says.

In total, it took Binder over 250 hours to create the tree with a 3D printer (that’s more than six weeks of full-time work!). The effort is evident in the fine details and the natural feeling of the industry.

The 3D drawn branch is displayed in a glass display case that was a conscious choice of Binder. He explains: “I spend a lot of time on Instagram where I consume pictures behind a pane of glass. This work is a three-dimensional equivalent of consuming digital media. A fragment of a tree can be visually experienced behind the glass walls of the unconventional exhibition space. “

Since the tree is on display outside, the viewer can visit it at any time of the day or night.

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