You Can Now 3D-Print With This Spooky Glow-In-The-Darkish Filament

You can now 3D print with this creepy glow-in-the-dark filament

We have been 3D printing in metal, gold and even sugar for years – so it’s only natural that we can also print in plastic that glows in the dark. This week MakerBot announced a limited edition PLA filament that glows in the dark just in time for Halloween.

The filament is made of phosphor dye, which means it’s almost the same well-known material that sticky stars and glow sticks are made from. If you leave it in the light for a few minutes, the phosphors in the material are charged and emit visible light – that is, they “glow”.

It’s not surprising how much it costs: $ 130 per kilogram versus $ 48 for a regular paint. [MakerBot]

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