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Verbatim, part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group, has launched the butenediol-vinyl alcohol copolymer (BVOH), a water-soluble high-performance carrier material with which complex objects with overhangs can be printed quickly and successfully using 3D double extrusion printers.

Verbatim’s BVOH is an easy-to-print material with reliable extrusion properties and fast dissolution time that is much faster than the current PVA / PVOH materials on the market and allows designers to create their 3D models much faster than before.

BVOH extrudes at speeds of up to 30mm / s and adheres well to a wide variety of materials, particularly Verbatim’s PLA, PET and ABS, allowing users to take advantage of the properties of these different materials. Conveniently, the waste can be disposed of with household sewage at a dilution rate of more than 20 parts of water to one part of BVOH, which is very easy to achieve.

“Verbatim BVOH is very reliable and prints like normal 3D printing material, which means more complex objects can be designed and printed in high quality,” said Shigeyuki Furomoto, manager, Global CEO Office of Mitsubishi Chemical Media. “This printing performance, along with the fast resolution speed, will help promote the use of desktop material extrusion printers much more widely in both industry and professional manufacturers.”

A number of new double extrusion printers have recently been launched. With the increased use of soluble material carrier structures such as BVOH, designers can now break away from some of the compromises associated with printing carrier structures on single extrusion printers.

Verbatim’s 1.75mm diameter BVOH filament is available now (part number 55901). The version with a diameter of 2.85 mm will be available from September.

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