TronHoo Unveils Thermochromic 3D Printing PLA Filament to Diversify Its PLA Portfolio –

TronHoo Unveils Thermochromic 3D Printing PLA Filament to Diversify Its PLA Portfolio -

TronHoo, an innovative brand in 3D printing technology, is pleased to announce that the company will introduce thermochromic PLA filament for 3D printing to diversify its PLA portfolio and provide an exciting option for developers who are starting their 3D -Prints can discolour depending on the temperature.

Thermochromic PLA is a type of PLA material that is mixed with leuco dyes, an organic chemical that changes its modular structure with changes in temperature. In 3D printing applications, developers could use thermochromic PLA filaments to print items from temperature indicators for manufacturing scenarios, toys, decorations, dishes and artwork for any project that wants to add a novel look and feel.

TronHoo’s thermochromic PLA is characterized by good flowability to ensure even and stable filament output and then eliminate the possibility of uneven extruded wire, which could lead to nozzle jams and unsatisfactory printing effects. This new material also shows excellent toughness that the 3D printed items have higher impact resistance than those made from the common PLA filament. In addition, a diameter tolerance of just 0.02mm of filament wire provides ultimate precision for projects that require print details. With multiple colors available, this eco-friendly, non-toxic food grade PLA offers a glossy color with no bubbles or warping, making it a novel option for 3D printing.

TronHoo, an innovative, high-tech 3D printing company, is known for its pragmatic desktop 3D printing solutions. It offers developers affordable high quality 3D printers and filaments. It aims to expand the application and usage of 3D printing technology and simplify the process of 3D printer creation.

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