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Flexible, elastic filaments have opened up a whole range of new functional parts that 3D printers can produce. According to the German RepRap, the latest TPU 93 material is ideal for the quick and inexpensive creation of prototypes for handles or seals.

German RepRap GmbH was originally founded in 2010 as the German RepRap Foundation. Since then, the company has developed and commercialized 3D printing solutions based on RepRap Fused Filament Fabrication technologies. The company also markets 3D scanners, filaments, software and accessories.

Their X400 machine was the first entry from a German company for a large capacity 3D printer for professional users. German RepRap builds professional 3D printers for product development, prototyping, mold and model construction, architecture and design. They also offer 3D printer kits for prosumers.

GermanRepRap X400

GermanRepRap X400

With the TPU 93 filament, the company offers a thermoplastic polyurethane that is ideal for products such as cable sheathing, and it can also be used as a coating for “soft-touch” surfaces in vehicle interiors. It is soft, UV and ozone resistant, and offers excellent weather resistance and abrasion resistance.

The TPU 93 filament has a very high degree of flexibility – in fact, according to the test according to DIN EN ISO 527, the material can reach an elongation of 500% before the break point – and it has a Shore hardness of 93. This hardness means that the filament is more resistant to oils and fats than TPE filaments and more elastic than soft PLA.

Since TPU 93 also has a high resistance to infiltration against microorganisms, it is also suitable for end-use applications in medical technology.

According to German RepRap, TPU 93 has been optimized for processing in 3D printers and offers excellent flow properties. The material is processed at 190–215 ° C and does not require a heated building platform. However, extruders are required that have a continuous filament supply, such as germanreprap2the DD3 extruder of the German RepRap X350.

It is available in 1.75 mm diameter on 1 kg spools and TPU 93 is sold in the German RepRap online shop as well as by authorized dealers worldwide. Each spool made of translucent TPU 93 costs € 74.79 in the German RepRap store and USD 149.99 at 3DChimera, the authorized US dealer for German RepRap.

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