Tiny Drone Racing Gates Use Up These Filament Scraps

Tiny Drone Racing Gates Use Up Those Filament Scraps

Drone races come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some multirotor racers can be very small indeed. However, racing means having goals to fly, and here’s a clever DIY design from [Qgel] A small 3D-printed part and a segment of printer filaments are used as components for small drone racing gates.

The base is 3D printed as a one-off piece and isn’t fussy about tolerances, while the gate itself is formed from a segment of printer filament. They are easy to adjust in size, easy to disassemble, cheap to make, and take up very little space. In short, perfect for its intended purpose.

Races benefit from the ability to measure lap times, resulting in DIY drone racing transponders, complete with a desktop client to manage the data. Not all flying is about racing, but pilots with racing skills were key to the results in this Star Wars fan film that used drones. Finally, those who still feel that the word “drone” is too broad to include even palm-sized racers may be interested [Brian Benchoff]’s exploring the surprisingly long history of the word “drone” and its historically broad definition.

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