Thirty Days Of 3D Printing Filament

Thirty Days Of 3D Printing Filament

Our first 3D printers only printed ABS and PLA plastic. Yes, we heard about PVA for support structures, but no one could get them to stay. There was polycarbonate too, but you had to have a metal hot end with a fan to print the stuff. Now there is a lot of variety: flexible, wood and stone, nylon, PETG and more.

If you’re still only printing to the old standards, you might like this [all3dp’s] Comparison table of 30 different filament types – that’s enough for one day a month – for at least four months. It’s too much for February and one day too short for the rest of the months. In addition to a table, there is a brief description of the individual types of plastic, their properties and their technical data. There is even magnetic PLA (see video below) that is not only magnetic but also rusts in the water, which could be good for some artistic prints.

Of course, there are probably more filament types out there. After all, there are new ones every day. Even so, you and your printer should keep you and your printer busy for a while.

We’ve already looked at some exotic filaments like carbon fiber. The magnetic filament is from Protopasta, and we saw that there are some weird and wonderful filaments out there.

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