The Division 2 supplies information: easy methods to farm Printer Filament, normal, and uncommon supplies

The Division 2 materials guide: how to farm Printer Filament, standard, and rare materials

If finding a ton of loot in the rundown streets of a post-epidemic DC is not enough for you, you can make your own – but this will require materials. Some of these materials are harder to find than others, and will take you a fair amount to make many things. Here’s how to get it Printer filament in department 2, as well as Farm standard and special materials.

Sincerely yours The best way to collect as much standard and specialty materials as possible is to loot every chest, box, and cache that you see spread over the areas you visit as you complete missions. This should give you a decent supply to make one item or the other and donate to projects. However, there are a few things you can do to get extras.

The Division 2 printer filament

Interestingly, superior materials like printer filament don’t seem to be available for looting in the open world, at least not directly.

To get Printer Filament, you need to deconstruct Gear Mods and Skill Mods in your inventory. All rarity levels of mods give you printer filament, and you can get them from Gear System Mods as well as Gear Protocol Mods and any Skill Attachments.

To find mods, go to the gear icon in your inventory.

This means that your best method of collecting printer filament is to loot chests to randomly find mods, and then deconstruct those for the material.

How to manage materials in Department 2

Carbon fiber, electronics, titanium

As mentioned earlier, the best way to get any special level materials is simple: loot everything. However, there is a method that makes this a little easier.

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First, Go to the quartermaster and collect the recognition bonus 1. That way you can see all of the lootable objects in an area around a control point when you donate supplies to it.

Now choose a friendly checkpoint and get there quickly. When you get there, donate some resources to the officer and you can roll around and collect a ton of stuff.

This works particularly well with the Ellipse Fuel Depot and Solar Farm Control Points.

The following video from WiLLiSGaming shows a run of the method using the solar farm:

Ceramic, polycarbonate, steel

One way to increase the amount of standard materials like ceramic, polycarbonate, and steel is to acquire them the deconstruction advantage of the quartermaster.

This gives you the opportunity to acquire additional material when deconstructing items. If you haven’t noticed, you’re doing a lot as the game progresses.

Completing activities around the open world will also reward you with a decent amount of standard materials. These include clearing checkpoints, ending public executions, and rescuing civilians. You can often get 3-4 of a given resource for this.

Dark Zone – PvP

In agriculture for the production of materials in the Dark zone, you’ll want your attention to be drawn to it landmarks. These are your target points in the Division 2 Dark Zone.

Obtaining the items you need is as easy as defeating a large number of enemies, bosses and delete the landmark. Once you delete, you will be rewarded with materials.

You may not always get the supplies you need, but simply playing the Dark Zone will give you crafting items. There is also a chance that knocked down enemies will drop crafting items. So don’t forget to loot the body.

The most lucrative way to acquire crafting materials in Division 2 is through open world PvE.

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If you’re struggling to get to the max level, check out our quick level guide.

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