The Division 2 Printer Filament: What’s it, the place to seek out it and how you can get it

The Division 2 Printer Filament: What is it, where to find it and how to get it

At the start of the game, you might think you don’t need a Division 2 printer filament, but by the time you reach the endgame, you’ll be looking for it in droves. Other craft materials in The Division 2 are pretty easy to come by, but if you don’t know how to get them, then it’s easy to miss the Division 2 printer filament. Follow this guide which covers everything you need to know about Division 2 printer filaments, including what it is and how to get it.

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What is Division 2 Printer Filament?

Division 2 printer filament

Printer Filament is a superior manufacturing material in The Division 2 and is used for two things. The first is making Gear Mods; Both Protocol Gear Mods and System Gear Mods in the Crafting Bench menu require a number of printer filaments each time. The effects you get on the Gear Mods you make are completely random. So if you are looking for a specific Gear Mod there is a lot of printer filament to build up.

By the time you reach The Division 2 endgame, you’ll be able to level up your crafting bank for each world level you progress through. At the moment the highest world level in the game is four, but when the first raid starts this value should increase to five. To upgrade your craft bench, you need a lot of printer filament every time.

How To Obtain Division 2 Printer Filament

Division 2 Printer Filament - Mods

Obtaining printer filament is actually somewhat simple, although it is very different from other manufacturing materials like titanium and polycarbonate. To get Printer Filament in The Division 2, you’ll need to deconstruct Gear System Mods, Gear Protocol Mods, and Skill Attachments. If you deconstruct something in the Mods section of your inventory, you are essentially being rewarded with printer filament. The higher tier of the item you deconstruct will reward more printer filament. So make sure you deconstruct them and not sell them to the seller.

It’s that simple. Tag any mod that you don’t want to use as junk and deconstruct it to get valuable printer filament. After all, you have enough to upgrade your craft bank high enough for these exotic species.

As a quick tip, if you’re on the console and you’re frustrated with the L2 / LT key switching categories and marking mods as junk, move any mods you want to mark as junk to your stash first. That way you can easily scroll through the list and deconstruct it from your stash.

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