Supplies: New PAEK Filament Optimized for Additive Manufacturing

Victrex AM filament part

Victrex has launched the new Victrex AM 200 filament, which has been specially developed and optimized for additive manufacturing (AM).

The company says that PAEK’s excellent mechanical properties are in demand for high-performance parts. However, according to Victrex, it was difficult to fully realize them in 3D printed parts with choices such as PEEK and PEKK available. For example, the company claims that repurposing injection molding PEEK to Filament Fusion AM typically results in weak parts due to poor interlayer bonding. This new material was developed to address this weakness in printing PEEK.

The first 3D printing equipment supplier to offer Victrex’s new AM PAEK filament is INTAMSYS, China, a company that provides high-performance 3D printing materials, direct additive manufacturing solutions, and software.

INTAMSYS has performed physical and mechanical performance tests on the new Victrex PAEK filament material.

According to the experience of INTAMSYS with its manufacturing systems, the Victrex AM 200 filament has a higher Z-axis strength and has up to 80% strength in the XY direction with better adaptability when printing Fused Filament Forming (FFF) than the existing one shown PAEK materials.

The new PAEK AM filament from Victrex has been developed for a variety of demanding applications due to its very high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance to liquids / chemicals.

Parts printed with Victrex AM 200 filament.

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