Sengled Edison Filament Bulb brings CES 2020 again to 1879

Sengled Edison Filament Bulb brings CES 2020 back to 1879

The folks at Sengled brought a very vintage-esque piece of tech to Las Vegas this week at CES 2020. This is Sengled’s smart LED Edison light bulb with a design that is decidedly old-fashioned. Sengled also unveiled a number of new smart (and not so smart) lighting and smart home solutions at CES 2020, including smart LED candle lamps, a new smart hub, and a smart plug with energy monitoring.

The first recorded demonstration of a working carbon lightbulb was made by Joseph Swan in February 1879. In October 1879, Edison demonstrated a working carbon light bulb. Most modern reproductions of the original carbon light bulb are commonly known as the “Edison light bulb”.

The Edison Filament Bulb, shown this week by Sengled, is “a clear light bulb with a filament that is visible at a color temperature of 2100K”. Much like the few competing lightbulbs with similar intent, this lightbulb aims to “give any home a stylish look and a cozy golden sheen”.

The Sengled Smart LED Edison filament bulb (in a 2-pack) was presented this week (January 6, 2020) at CES 2020 with a price of approx. USD 30 MSRP. A pack of Sengled Smart LED E12 candle lamps, a Sengled Smart Hub and a Sengled Smart Plug with energy monitoring were also presented this week.

The candles work in a variety of colors and fit into many non-smart devices, “chandeliers, ceiling fans, and night lights to name a few”. With the Smart Plug with energy monitoring, even non-intelligent devices can become a little more futuristic. This plug can be connected to a Sengled app, with which you can switch on and off remotely – and monitor energy consumption.

The Smart Hub is actually a third generation device, ie the “3rd Generation Sengled Smart Hub”. If you’ve had either of the first two, this latest edition has some new features. This new version supports Apple HomeKit, which in turn allows Siri to control many types of smart devices.

This hub also supports the Google Local Home SDK for smart home control over a local network, completely offline – no internet required! Earlier versions (and this version) work with Amazon Alexa support and Google Assistant. This hub supports Zigbee 3.0 and “over 64 intelligent lights and accessories”.

The Sengled Smart LED E12 Candle Lamps cost about $ 25, the Sengled Smart Hub costs about $ 30, and the Sengled Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring costs about $ 20. Sengled hasn’t announced any release dates for these new technologies yet, but it wouldn’t be a shock if they all were available in Q1 2020. Take a look at our CES 2020 hub for more gadgets in bulk, weird again!

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