PolyDry by Industrial Grade, Automated Humidity-Managed Filament Storage Unit –

PolyDry by Industrial Grade, Automatic Humidity-Controlled Filament Storage Unit -

Moisture in 3D printing filaments has been a known problem in the industry for some time. While many solutions have been introduced over the years to combat the problem of drying of the materials, this is an equally important problem of store drywas mostly overlooked. Many are simply putting together a DIY solution and hoping for the best. While a simple container with some desiccant might be sufficient for the average hobby 3D printer, the more arduous and extensive printing operations, such as those found in professional print farms, businesses, 3D printing houses, libraries, and universities, require a more robust solution to properly protect and hold theirs maintain expensive stocks of filaments when not in use.

As a 3D filament business, at we see the problem of dry storage being regularly addressed by customers and we experience it firsthand in our own 3D printing operations. Open and partially used coils are regularly left outdoors to absorb moisture or stored in poorly designed containers. This ultimately leads to poor quality 3D printing and wasted money being spent on otherwise high quality materials.

While different thermoplastic polymers have different rates of moisture absorption, most agree that regular storage of plastic filaments in an environment with really low humidity and no UV radiation is highly recommended and the durability of almost all types of 3D printing filaments is significant or even indefinite Extended time.

PolyDry: The perfect filament storage solution for serious 3D printing! developed PolyDry; A fully automated, industrial grade storage solution suitable for short, medium, and long term storage of material, with tremendous internal capacity for storing dozens of reels of various sizes in the near future). The PolyDry unit is able to continuously and automatically maintain an accurate relative humidity of only 3%! Using the integrated digital control panel, the user can set the relative humidity to a value between 3% and 50%, as well as an alarm for high humidity and an alarm for open doors.

The ability to achieve and maintain such extremely low humidity is critical to the storage and durability of extremely hygroscopic materials like nylon, PVA, PEI, and more. Common materials such as PLA, ABS, PET / G, TPU, ASA, PC or other filament types are perfectly preserved inside the device and can be used at any time. And since the PolyDry unit is airtight and dust-free, open filament spools can simply be put in as they are without a resealable bag or container.

The PolyDry storage system is the perfect companion for professional 3D printers. With dry, clean materials always ready to go, operators spend less time handling materials and focus more on the actual printing. With the increasing number of moisture protection solutions incorporated into 3D printers these days (such as the new Ultimaker Material Station), the benefit of adding a PolyDry unit to these “ecosystems” is becoming increasingly apparent. When you take a spool of filament out of the PolyDry unit and place it directly in the filament / material station of the 3D printer for printing (and vice versa), the material is constantly kept in an optimal, low-humidity environment, creating a predictable and consistent 3D – Pressure is generated results.

The PolyDry unit is a completely maintenance free system that uses a large self-rejuvenating drying unit with an energy saving design and is built to stay on for years! Other features include an ESD-safe steel construction, magnetically sealed lockable doors, large castors / wheels for easy maneuverability and adjustable / removable steel shelves for different reel sizes.

PolyDry can now be ordered from the official website.

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