New Nylon 3D Printing Filament Launched By 3D Techniques

Nylon 3D printing filament

3D Systems today launched a new nylon 3D printing filament that expands its range of PlasticJet printing materials designed for use with the company’s CubePro 3D printers.

The nylon 3D printing filament is designed to be combined with the company’s new water-soluble Infinity Rinse-Away support filament, which makes it easier to print more intricate parts.

Watch the video below to learn more about the new nylon 3D printing filament, which has the following properties:

Tensile Strength: 4.785 psi (pounds per square inch), with flexibility of a dog bone-like shape 1/8 inch thick, ½ inch wide
– Elongation at break value: 22%, which means 1 inch can stretch to 1.22 inches
– Strength to weight ratio: 174 psi, for light and strong honeycomb parts
– Tensile modulus: 248.005 psi
– Flexural Strength: 8,270 psi
– Shore D hardness: 75 through needle penetration, which means that nylon is as hard as a helmet

Peter Theran, Vice President, Global Consumer Products, 3DS explains:

We are excited to bring this long awaited material to our core base, desktop users, and to provide engineers, small businesses and startups alike with the most durable, high performing material for PlasticJet printing. Nylon for CubePro brings desktop 3D printing where it has never been before: into direct manufacturing and into the production of end-use parts.

Print stronger, flexible and long-lasting prints with nylon for CubePro. This is a high-performance, technical-grade material that has been developed for high-performance prints in the laboratory and workshop. Strength, flexibility and durability enable unparalleled prints. Nylon material is a base material for functional prototyping and testing for engineers, designers, small businesses and startups. CubePro Nylon has a Nylon 6 formulation that is ideal for consumer product testing.

The new nylon filament cartridges cost £ 97. Follow the link below for more information.

Source: 3DS

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