MRRF: Tasty Filament From Proto-Pasta

MRRF: Tasty Filament From Proto-Pasta

In addition to printers from all areas of manufacturing, you can of course expect to find people at a 3D printing festival who sell different types of filament. One of these plastic suppliers was Proto-Pasta from Vancouver, WA. Proto-Pasta prides itself on unique offerings and complete transparency about their manufacturing processes.

Almost all of their filaments are either PLA or HTPLA with something extra added during the extrusion. The menu includes steel, iron, carbon, and finely ground coffee. The coffee filament was sure to be one of our favorites. The print they brought looked like solidified light roast and was a transparent sort of lollipop quality. I couldn’t make out the coffee smell due to allergies, however [Alex] assured me that printing with this filament will make your home or hackerspace smell great.

[Alex] gave away samples of their stainless steel composite PLA. This can be polished to a smooth sheen using a range of 400-8000 grit papers. Another newer offering is PLA, which is infused with magnetic iron particles. Prints made with this material can be rusted for an antique, steampunk, or shabby chic aesthetic.

Proto noodles also have an electrically conductive carbon composite PLA. This is great for capacitive applications like creating a custom, ergonomic pen or your own game controller. Depending on the location, the resistivity of the printed parts is 30 ohms per centimeter, measured perpendicular to the layers, and 115 ohms along the layers.

Did you do something great with conductive or magnetic filament? Have you had problems with unorthodox filaments? Let us know in the comments.

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