Maker Geeks Manufacturing, Inc. is the First and Largest Firm to Deliver 3D Printer Filament Manufacturing to the USA

MakerGeeks was the first and largest factory in the United States specifically built to produce 3D printer filaments.  We can produce over 1 million pounds of plastic 3D filament every year!

SPRINGFIELD, Mon., 1st February 2018 / PRNewswire / – Maker Geeks Manufacturing, Inc, founded in 2009, is a plastics manufacturer and the first and largest manufacturer of 3D printer filament in The United States. Joshua B. Smith, Owner and CEO of Maker Geeks, first started the company after taking inspiration from his hobby of Arduino programming to build and fly homemade quad-copters. Since that time he has built a successful company and brought the production facility to it Springfield, Missouri from his home state Arkansas.

MakerGeeks was the first and largest factory in the United States specifically built to produce 3D printer filaments. We can produce over 1 million pounds of plastic 3D filament every year!

Smith was no stranger to hard work and entrepreneurship and worked on the northern slopes of Alaska Oil fields in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska Having ultrasound and x-ray tests in the pipeline if the opportunity arose to start an e-commerce business to sell sports supplements online. In 2007, within four short years of its inception, Inc. Magazine named Smith’s Store the 40th fastest growing US retail store. They also named Smith as one of their “Top CEOs in America Under 30”.

With the aim of making a better supplement with higher quality ingredients, Smith founded a successful nutraceutical company in 2008 that was later bought by a large chain store. Around this time Smith was on an aero quad forum discussing Arduino programming and his homemade quad copter. The group started discussing 3D printing. Smith decided to make a Mendel90 RepRap machine from scratch, using his own parts and owning the design. After a few months he got hooked and wanted to share his passion with others so that Maker Geeks would be born. sells direct to the consumer and has one of the largest selections of 3D printing filaments, 3D printing kits and 3D printers under one roof. The company is the official retailer for the dual-head 3D printers Duplicator 5S and Duplicator 4S, MakerBot, PrintrBot, FlashForge, Taulman 3D and NinjaFlex, as well as the official retailer for Arduino and countless other brands of companies The United States and international.

“I’m very focused on making Maker Geeks a big 3D filament maker here in The United States instead of consumers having to order from China“says Smith.” We would like to be able to offer our customers a 3D printer filament that is far superior to what is already available for around 80 percent of the price of conventional filaments. This also enables the company to create jobs in our industry and in our city Springfield. “

Makers Geeks also offers free shipping on all orders within The United States. Visit to learn more about Smith’s history, learn more about the company, and learn more about the products on offer

Manufacturer Geeks Manufacturing, Inc.

Maker Geeks Manufacturing, Inc. is a plastics manufacturer in Springfield, Missouri. The company is the first and largest purpose-built factory focused on the manufacture of US-made 3D printer filament. Maker Geeks sells through Shopify Plus and at

Media contact:
Joshua b Smith
Phone: 417.631.3092
E-mail: [email protected]

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