Machine Extrudes Filament | Hackaday

Machine Extrudes Filament | Hackaday

We have seen a lot of homebrew filament extruders, however [Stefan] at CNC Kitchen shows off a commercial desktop filament extruder in their latest video, which you can check out below. The 3DEVO extruder is pretty slick, but at around $ 7,000 to $ 8,000 we probably won’t rush and buy one. However, we might get some ideas from it for our next attempt at building something similar.

In principle, any machine that makes filament is pretty simple. Melt the pellets and press them out of a nozzle. Cool the filament and wind it up. Just right? But of course the problems all lie in the details. The swelling, for example, means that you cannot simply assume that the size of the nozzle’s hole will give you the correct size of filament.

The 3DEVO machine appears to be actually monitoring the diameter of the filament and closing the loop by changing parameters to keep the filament diameter reasonably constant and on target. Seems to be doing a pretty good job too.

[Stefan] is moving towards recycling old prints and we look forward to seeing this video. We have seen some of these filament extruders with varying degrees of success. We also saw some lessons on how not to build one.

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