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BASF Ultrafuse 316L

M. Holland Company, a distributor of thermoplastic resin materials, has announced an expanded sales partnership with BASF 3D Printing Solutions. The agreement provides for M. Holland to begin selling a stainless steel composite filament, the Ultrafuse 316L from BASF. This is the company’s first foray outside of thermoplastic resins.

Ultrafuse 316L is a metal-polymer composite that allows users to print inexpensive metal parts using standard FFF 3D printers. Parts printed from the composite filament can then be debonded and sintered using industry standard methods to obtain solid metal parts. The inclusion of filament in M. Holland’s 3D printing material portfolio marks a new direction for the distribution company.

“We are excited to expand our existing relationship with BASF and are fortunate to be among the selected organizations authorized to distribute Ultrafuse 316L,” commented Haleyanne Freedman, market manager for 3D printing at M. Holland. “This metal-polymer composite filament is a game-changing, industry-changing product that is also affordable. Our customers can use this special material to complement existing possibilities in plastic injection molding and a variety of other applications. “

The stainless steel-polymer composite filament is primarily aimed at plastic injection moulders and OEMs who can use the material to manufacture metal tools, fixtures and fittings, as well as functional prototypes and end-use components. In combination with debinding and sintering, the filament can result in industrial grade metal parts.

“By expanding our sales partnership with M. Holland to include our Ultrafuse 316L metal filament for additive manufacturing, we can make printing metal parts more accessible and affordable for manufacturers,” added Firat Hizal, Head of Metal Systems at BASF, added 3D printing solutions. “As we expand our presence in North America, customers can quickly and reliably manufacture stainless steel parts using their existing printers and an established debinding and sintering network.”

In addition to the Ultrafuse 316L filament from BASF, M. Holland also offers a range of BASF 3D printing materials in its sales portfolio. It also offers additive manufacturing materials from Henkel, Owens Corning, and 3DXTech.

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