Leistritz Provides 3D Filament Line to Lab

Leistritz Adds 3D Filament Line to Lab

Leistritz recently installed a ZSE-3D twin screw extrusion line in its process laboratory in Somerville, NJ. The system is intended to support customers in the development and production of 3D filaments from a co-rotating or counter-rotating twin screw extruder. The direct extrusion of raw materials facilitates the quick sampling of products and leads to a lower heat and shear history compared to two-stage processes, which is particularly advantageous for heat and shear-sensitive formulations, says Leistritz.

The system consists of a ZSE twin screw extruder configured for compounding, degassing and / or reactivation of the extrusion. Weight Loss Feeders for Pellets, Powders, or Fibers; a liquid injection system; a front attachment of the gear pump; a 3D filament nozzle for 1 to 5 mm diameter. Parts; an air shelf or a water tank with a sizing socket; and a downstream tape puller, a laser measuring device and a winder (or cutter).

According to Leistritz, the system is ideal for in-line compounding of polymers with additives and active fillers in order to quickly develop new filaments and formulations. Formulations can be modified “on the fly” for quick sampling of filaments with different formulation percentages. A sample can be made every 10 minutes. The Leistritz ZSE-3D filament system is designed for operation at 425 ° C and can be configured for water-soluble and high-temperature technical polymers.

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