Keene Village Plastics acquires 3D printing filament producer MakeShaper

Keene Village Plastics acquires 3D printing filament manufacturer MakeShaper

US plastics company, Keene Village Plastics (KVP) announced the acquisition of the North Carolina-based manufacturer of 3D printing filaments, MakeShaper.

Ohio-based KVP is a precision thermoplastic welding rod and 3D printing filament manufacturer with extensive manufacturing facilities capable of custom sizes, shapes, and profiles for extruded products.

KVP is already a manufacturer of engineering materials with all filaments made, tested and manufactured in the USA. According to KVP, the acquisition of MakeShaper will help the company expand its reach and provide high quality filaments for the consumer and hobbyist market.

In a press release, KVP said it looks forward to continuing MakeShaper’s work and serving customers at the level they expected.

KVP has been producing 3D printing filaments for several years. In 2013, the company was acquired by 3D Systems to manufacture filaments for its range of desktop plastic extrusion systems. After the cessation of the Cube machine and product line, Village Plastics was taken over by Keene Building Products in 2017.

Last year, as part of its N-Vire line, KVP launched a range of environmentally friendly materials that utilize 3D Printlife’s bioadditive technology and allow bacteria to consume the materials of bacteria when they are in compost or are in a landfill to convert them into CO2. In addition, a new bobbinless filament system has been introduced, with which filaments can be produced without a bobbin, as well as a range of flexible, heat and impact-resistant filaments and HIPS filaments.

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