JuggerBot pronounces JBM Group as reseller of filament and pellet extrusion 3D printing tech

JuggerBot announces JBM Group as reseller of filament and pellet extrusion 3D printing tech

JuggerBot announced JBM Group as a reseller of its filament and pellet based 3D printing systems at the start of its distribution network.

The company launched its Tradesman line of additive manufacturing systems in 2019 and has since adopted its technology from Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Penn State University, Bearing Distributors Incorporated, and others. JuggerBot has also partnered with DSM and Oak Ridge National Laboratories to develop materials and process capabilities.

The company is now looking to strengthen its go-to-market strategy through the involvement of distributors. JBM Group has a background in machine tool sales across Pennsylvania, but has recently moved to adding additive manufacturing capabilities to its offering. The JBM Group recently added Tipton Technologies to its distribution network. This group is supposed to take care of the sales of JuggerBot in the North Ohio region. After selling and installing JuggerBot machines, JBM and Tipton also provide customers with training, custom turnkey applications, preventive maintenance and technical know-how support.

“We currently represent some of the most reputable CNC machine tool manufacturers in the world, but when it came to additive manufacturing we knew JuggerBot 3D was the solution,” said John Watkins, President and CEO of JBM Group. “They offer the best industrial 3D printing solutions in the world and we look forward to showing our customers what industrial 3D printing can do for their businesses.”

“JuggerBot 3D is excited to partner with the JBM Group, who have been committed to the success of their Pennsylvania and Ohio customers for decades,” added Dan Fernback, vice president and co-founder of JuggerBot 3D. “Our Tradesman series goes well with the current equipment line from JBM and offers their customers a wider choice of tools to win.”

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