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Jabil has launched Jabil PA 0600, a new additive material that provides the high strength and rigidity required for aerospace, automotive and industrial applications. This latest advancement from Jabil Engineered Materials was designed, formulated, and manufactured in the company’s Minnesota-based Materials Innovation Center for use in traditional and additive manufacturing.

“We’re building on Jabil’s legacy in materials science to improve existing polymers or create new ones at the molecular level to help our customers,” said Matt Torosian, director of additive product management at Jabil. “Our focus on innovation led to the discovery of our PA 0600 filament, which has a unique formulation with acetal plastic attributes but without the potentially dangerous formaldehyde emissions associated with overheating.”

Providing material strength, stiffness and security

The new filament is suitable for a large number of applications, as the material has high rigidity, dimensional stability and good wear resistance as well as low-friction, self-lubricating properties. The new filament offers the high levels of smoothness and durability typically required in the manufacture of gears, bearings, and rollers. Devices and tools; and work fixtures, posts and nests. The material also simplifies post-processing, including fly cuts, taps, and heat bars.

In addition, the Jabil PA 0600 filament offers improved functionality typically associated with Delrin acetal plastic or alternative POM materials, without the risk of formaldehyde emission if the material is overheated. The filament Jabil PA 0600 was formulated without formaldehyde, so that no harmful odors or vapors are released during processing. This chemical property gives product developers greater flexibility, speed and safety when developing complex parts that must be resistant to fatigue, friction and abrasion.

The filament Jabil PA 0600 is featured on the Ultimaker Marketplace in the Ultimaker Cura 3D printing software and is available through DigiKey.

“Jabil PA 0600 filament is an exciting technological advancement that offers a viable Delrin alternative with the durability and strength required for a wide range of additive manufacturing applications,” said Bas de Jong, vice president of market development. Materials and strategic partnerships at Ultimaker. “Earlier materials from Jabil, already available on the Ultimaker Marketplace in Ultimaker Cura, provide users with real results and security for the first time when printing on our 3D printers and using the printed applications.”

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