IFS expands line of filament wound FRP merchandise

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Butt weld joint on large diameter pipe. Source | Industrial Fiberglass Specialties Inc.

Industrial Fiberglass Specialties Inc. (IFS, Dayton, Ohio, USA), custom manufacturer of glass fiber reinforced plastic products in a wide variety of sizes for structurally demanding applications and corrosive environmentshas announced that it will be expanding its range of filament-wound, corrosion-resistant products made from glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP). The company is under new operational management and the introduction is part of the company’s multi-stage growth strategy.

IFS products meet stringent requirements and are therefore well suited for the chemical, oil and gas, power and mining markets. The company’s core line includes industrial piping, fittings and products that can be tailored to customer specifications.

“Our goal is to help customers transition into the future by using our skills to solve a wider range of problems, be it the vents for a drinking water tank farm, pipes and fittings for a power plant, or a mold for a specialized one Industrial product. Says IFS President Brian Mitsch.

Corrosion-resistant methacrylate-modified epoxy GRP pipes, ducts and fittings can be developed for a number of uses including chemical operating environment applications. Methacrylate modified epoxy products are said to cost about 35% less than epoxy tubing and offer high performance alternatives to expensive alloys and specialty metals for projects that have fire retardant and explosion proof requirements.

Filament wound methacrylate modified epoxy GRP pipe and duct products are available in sizes ranging from 3/8-inch. to 168-in. IFS builds its products according to the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM, West Conshohocken, PA, USA) for outer diameter of iron pipes (OD) and inner diameter of pipes for chemical processes (ID).

IFS is also committed to service and continuous technological development.

“We work closely with a customer to analyze their requirements and develop an economical product that offers a long service life.” Mitsch says. “Fiberglass products have been around since the 1940s, but new materials and design and manufacturing methods are constantly being developed. Our ability to take advantage of these improvements enables us to better solve our customers’ problems. “

With 40 years of manufacturing and engineering experience, IFS combines specialized resin knowledge, innovative design and materials. Manufacturing technology and restoration services to support a diverse range of products including filament-wound GRP industrial pipes, engineered GRP pipe fittings, custom piping systems and chemical tanks.

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