Hovalin 3D Printed Acoustic Violin: Filament Part


Back in April, we looked at a 3D printed violin that looked more like a Predator weapon than a musical instrument. However, 3D printing isn’t just about creating new physical shapes. The technology can also be tuned for very practical purposes, as the violin maker Hovalin shows.

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Hovalin violins have PLA bodies that are divided into four parts: the neck, top, middle, and bottom. The rest of the parts are off the shelf, with the possible exception of the carbon fiber rods. What it comes down to is an affordable violin that is much easier to repair, or perhaps even modify, compared to its traditional counterparts. Plus, you can get it in a variety of colors, from brown to glow in the dark. This is what it sounds like:

If that sounded pretty good to you, visit Hovalin’s website and online store to find out more. It sells pre-assembled violins for $ 600, DIY kits for $ 450, and 3D-printed parts for just $ 300. Hovalin also made its 3D files and build log available for free.

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