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Hemp PLA Filament, Entwined, Released by 3D Fuel » 3D Printing Media Network

The wait – 3D printing with hemp filament! Entwined is a 3D printing filament made from industrial hemp grown and processed in the USA. Industrial hemp crops do not require herbicides, pesticides and grow more densely compared to corn.

The detangled hemp filament does not use any dyes, which means that it retains a real natural brown. It’s almost dazzling in its ability to present different shades and densities within the same printed object. There is a large amount of visible organic filling, something you don’t get with standard PLA.

This is the third in a series of fascinating materials in an ongoing partnership between 3D-Fuel and the biocomposite company c2renew. More distinctive bio-based products will be released shortly.

Entwined hemp filament can be printed on any device that can print with PLA using standard PLA settings.

Print settings

Entwined prints well at 180-210 ° C. In general, a good starting point is 10 degrees cooler than you would normally print PLA. A heated bed is not required. However, if you have one, set it to 45C.

Filament information

Quality: All 3D-Fuel 3D printer filaments are manufactured in our own production facility in Fargo, North Dakota or Moville, Ireland (depending on the customer location). We have complete control over the manufacturing process and are able to ensure consistent quality for every coil.

Diameter tolerance: A variable diameter can cause major problems in your 3D printer. We use a multi-axis laser measurement system to control our filament diameter and ovality in real time during production. Each reel has the diameter and ovality dimensions that are listed directly on the packaging.

Packing information: A 500g of detangled hemp filament plastic filament comes on an easy-to-use plastic roll and is vacuum sealed with a desiccant package to keep moisture out.

Test print: The 3D fuel test lab offers 3D printers from various brands including MakerBot, LulzBot, FlashForge and more. We 3D print what we make to ensure our filament is of the absolute best quality possible.

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