Graphene 3D Lab’s New Scorpion Versatile Nylon Filament Takes the Sting Out of Adhesion Points –


Graphene 3D Lab is one of the most interesting companies on the radar right now, at least in terms of materials development. The New York company has not only actively developed materials made from “wonder material” graphs, but has also regularly released new, unique special filaments based on graphene and non-graphene. Recent publications include a magnetic filament and a conductive filament, among others. Today Graphene 3D Lab announced the release of their newest filament. While it’s not as glamorous as a magnetic or conductive material, it’s exciting nonetheless. tnwuE8woE_

While everyone has their preferred types of 3D printing material, each has their own frustrations. PLA jams, ABS warps, etc. Nylon filaments are particularly popular in manufacturing environments because of their combination of strength and flexibility. However, one of the most common complaints about the material is poor adhesion. Graphene 3D Lab’s new Scorpion Flexible Nylon has been designed to eliminate this problem while improving the properties that make it such an attractive material.

“Nylon has generated a lot of interest in the 3D printing industry because of its strength,” said Daniel Stolyarov, Co-CEO of Graphene 3D Lab. “However, the material has a problem with poor interlayer adhesion. I am proud to say that our research and development team has successfully solved this problem. I believe our customers will really love this Scorpion flexible nylon and look forward to your feedback. “

ScorpioThe strong adhesive properties of Scorpion make mechanical parts much more durable. The filament itself is resilient enough to endure a lot of abuse without losing shape. According to Graphene 3D Lab, a handle from the filament could easily lift 20 pounds when tested without being damaged. It’s also very pliable, which makes it ideal for designers who want to create designs with complex shapes. Flexibility increases with thinner printed layers, but does not lose strength. An object printed with the filament can be bent back completely without tears and springs back into its original shape when released. This, together with its smooth, comfortable surface, makes it ideal for portable printed matter.


“We are constantly striving to expand our product line to best meet the needs of our growing customer base,” said Elena Polyakova, Co-CEO. “We expect the addition of nylon filament to play an important role in many different commercial markets. This filament can be easily produced in large quantities and we intend to ramp up production to meet customer demand. “

Scorpion Flexible Nylon is available now from Black Magic 3D, the online sales site of Graphene 3D Lab. The price isn’t bad at $ 29.99 for a 400g spool that is 1.75mm or 300mm in diameter. Like most nylons, it is very sensitive to moisture. Therefore, it is recommended to keep it in a waterproof container with a desiccant. The printing speed is a maximum of 55 m / s, while the printing temperature is between 225 ° C and 235 ° C. Even if the adhesive properties are strong, an additional adhesive is recommended so that the first layer adheres to the print bed. Discuss on the Scorpion Flexible Nylon 3D Printing Filament Forum on

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