Graphene 3D Lab releases Graphene-HIPS 3D printing filament

The new graphene HIPS filament image from Graphene 3D Lab

Graphene 3D Lab has announced the launch of a new graphene reinforced 3D printing filament – the Graphene HIPS. It is said to be a specially developed and innovative semi-flexible FDM 3D printing material that is reinforced with graphene and designed for high-performance 3D printing.

This FDM material is reported to have excellent intercoat adhesion, toughness and excellent impact resistance. These properties provide excellent mechanical and structural performance for 3D printed objects made from this material. It is well suited for printing precise functional components for technical applications. Graphene HIPS is both temperature and weather resistant, making it an ideal material for outdoor projects.

The graphene HIPS filament is commercially available for desktop FDM / FFF 3D printers in a size of 1.75 mm at 400 grams per spool and is sold directly through the company and Amazon.

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