Graphene 3D Lab groups with Taulman 3D to convey Nylon 680 3D printing filament to market

Graphene 3D Lab teams with Taulman 3D to bring Nylon 680 3D printing filament to market

Graphene 3D Lab Inc. announced that it has started selling Taulman 3D nylon 680 filaments for manufacturing applications in the medical, dental, food and robotics industries.

The specifications of nylon 680 are desired by industrial users and hobbyists alike. The material is compatible with sterilization processes that are widely used in laboratory settings and has been approved by the FDA for indirect food contact.

The specifications of 680 are designed for superior strength and physical properties and provide serious competition to consumer materials currently on the market. The exclusive distribution rights for Nylon 680 are granted and related to Graphene 3D in the United States, Canada and Mexico with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Taulman 3D, which describes the cooperation between the two companies in the development and sale of 3D printing materials.

“The sale of nylon 680 in North America will enable Graphene 3D to expand a strong range of specialty 3D printing materials sold through Black Magic 3D,” said Dr. Daniel Stolyarov, CEO of Graphene 3D. “The high strength and sterilization compatibility of this material make it particularly interesting for a large number of new applications, including in ultra-modern research environments.”

Thomas Martzall, CEO of Taulman 3D added, “Nylon 680 combines excellent mechanical properties with unique properties. Our team has worked hard to ensure this material meets the specifications required by leading industrial companies and we are excited to launch it commercially through the Black Magic 3D brand. “

Nylon 680 3D printing filament is sold through the Graphene 3D Lab’s web shop and retail brand, Black Magic 3D.

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