Frightened About Operating Out Of Filament Mid-Print? Be part of It!

Worried About Running Out Of Filament Mid-Print? Join It!

If you’ve ever hunched over to throw away printer filament that you know wouldn’t cover your next little part – let alone an overnight print – you might appreciate it [starlino]Method for joining two spools of filament.

While there are other methods of keeping track of how much filament you are using, this method eliminates some of the guesswork. First, cut the ends of the filament diagonally – as close as possible at the same angle. Cover both ends with shrink tubing – for example 2 mm tubing for 1.75 mm filament – and make sure that the two ends overlap inside the packaging. Glue the filament to a heat-resistant mat with Kapton tape and leave the connection between the two filaments free. A temperature sensor can help you find the melting point of your filament, or you can experiment as needed to get a feel for it.

Melt the filament inside the tube with a hot air soldering station or heat gun and immediately cool it down with a few puffs from an air atomizer. All that is left is to strip the filament of tape and shrink wrap and scrape off any excess material to avoid printer jams. Done! Now back to printing! Check out the tutorial video after the break

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