Floreon 3D begins seek for companions to convey patented PLA filament know-how to market

Floreon 3D begins search for partners to bring patented PLA filament technology to market

Floreon 3dThe material development company has announced that it is officially looking for cooperation partners to bring its patented 3D printing filament technology to market.

With worldwide secured patents for the range of polylactic acid (PLA) Formulations, Floreon 3D now needs colleagues from additive manufacturing to demonstrate their skills. The company takes its name from its bioplastic PLA innovations, developed out of a desire to create a more environmentally friendly and safer form of plastic. With this goal in mind, Floreon would now like to use the filament across the entire 3D printing market.

“We want to make it clear that we are a technology company, not a manufacturer. We are bioplastics specialists with patented technology that we would like to license to manufacturers, ”said Shaun Chatterton, CEO. “We’re a small and innovative team looking to work with like-minded organizations that can bring the technology to market. This could be a compounder who can use our additive technology in their own formulations for 3D filaments, a manufacturer who wants to work with us to develop new products, or ever 3D printer OEMs or filament suppliers who want the improved properties of Floreon’s improved PLA filament can give them an additional and exciting new line of products. “

The company’s flagship innovation is said to be four times more robust and flexible than standard PLA filaments. Floreon suggests improving impact resistance; improved printability; and the ability to print at high speed without compromising the quality of the part. It prints between 190 ° C and 240 ° C and is recyclable and biodegradable as it is made from plants, not oil.

The Floreon patent covers ternary (three-part) blends of PLA with other bioplastics such as polycaprolactone and polybutylene succinate. The company says it is this combination that ensures the impact and tensile strength of the material.

While Floreon is not yet widely used, Floreon has got several companies to adopt its material for testing purposes. One of them is Object shape, a 3D printing company and promoter of recyclable plastics.

“As a 3D printing specialist, we use many plastic filaments to meet our customers’ needs,” said Scott Knowles, director and co-founder of Object Form Ltd. “As specialists, we have to use high-quality materials that we can rely on. Floreon 3D is one such material, an excellent plastic for the 3D printing industry we recommend. “

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