Firm Creates Glowing and Steel Filament for 3D Printers

ColorFabb BronzeFill 3D printing filament

Full-color 3D printing seems to be eluding this technology field. However, it is not the only one. There are others, like 3D printing in the dark.

At least that was the case until recently. Now, if 3D printing technology were a living sentient being, it could give rise to joy in gaining the ability to make things that are phosphorescent.

As it is, we, ordinary people, have to cheer ourselves while ColorFabb basks in it.

You see, the ColorFabb folks invented a filament that glows in the dark.

We have seen them before, spheres that are somehow charged with light during the day and glow greenish at night, at least for a few hours.

Now ColorFabb has a filament called GlowFill (originality galore) that does the same thing.

As if PLA / PHA (compound), XT copolyester, and WoodFill (a wood-based filament) weren’t surprising enough (and they come in a whole range of colors).

There’s one more filament that ColorFabb has released: BronzeFill, a metal filament whose name is about as self-explanatory as GlowFill.

They have been tested for some time and bambooFill will be added soon. Only GlowFill can be sent. BronzeFill can be pre-ordered, but it will take a while for it to arrive.

ColorFabb BronzeFill 3D printing filament

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