Finances Dehydrator Provides Your Damp Filament A Second Likelihood

Budget Dehydrator Gives Your Damp Filament A Second Chance

If you’ve had the misfortune to leave your 3D printer filament outside on a muggy day or, heavenly, shower with it, it’s likely quite humid. Not only does moisture make your printer sound like rice crispies, it also ruins the finish and causes filament to contract into thin strips between different geometries on the same layer. Fortunately for both of us [SafetyGlassesRequired] and [Joe Mike Terranella] Give us the breakdown of how to take a pair of Snippers and about $ 40 in cash to dry out our filament, far from the possibility of ruining nearby kitchen stoves.

If you’ve been circling the 3D printing community for a long time, you may have heard of this trick by now. But with the arrival of an oddly culinary-looking device called the PrintDry, we can’t keep the elephant in the room silent for long. Instead of risking our own pennies and getting stuck with a device that just jerks the lid of the box, [SafetlyGlassesRequired] and [Joe Mike Terranella] Please prove our suspicions once and for all: A dehydrator works perfectly at drying all the filament we left out in the rain!

Clumsiness aside, a dehydrator isn’t a bad investment in the long run. Not only can we keep our stash dry, but we can also give all that giveaway filament (dug out of the trash) a second life by returning it to a clean, dry state.

These dehydrators toast all of the moisture from your filament, but do not keep it dry while printing. For this problem, you need to summon a heated dry box like this one.

[Joe Mike’s] The solution costs about $ 40. If you can do better, let us know in the comments.

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