Filamentive’s New bioPC 3D Printer Filament Affords Security, Efficiency and Printability –

The presence of PA 12, nylon and ULTEM in the top 10 most used materials in the latest 3DHubs trend report clearly shows the growing demand for high-performance, engineering materials in FDM 3D printing.

Polycarbonate (PC) filament is already established in the 3D printing market due to its robustness, durability and resistance. However, there are concerns about the long-term effects.

Certain types of polycarbonate can be dangerous due to the release of bisphenol A (BPA). Bisphenol A (BPA) is a widely used chemical in polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins; However, there are major concerns about its toxicity to humans and other wildlife. When BPA finds its way into the food and water supply, humans are exposed to it. Research has linked exposure to fertility problems, heart disease, and other medical conditions. In March 2010, the US Environmental Protection Agency published a “Chemical Action Plan” for BPA, which proposed listing BPA as a chemical of concern that may pose an undue risk to certain types of water.

In addition to the health and environmental issues, it can be difficult to print from a PC. Problems include moisture – PC is very hygroscopic and absorbs moisture from the air, and warping – it tends to warp more than other materials like ABS or PLA. Because of these problems, polycarbonate can usually only be successfully printed on closed printers with a heated chamber.

As an ethical brand committed to social and environmental sustainability, Filamentive wanted to ensure that innovation and market demand were met without compromising health, safety and wellbeing. In collaboration with industrial partners, they have worked to develop a high-performance technical filament without the problems of existing materials.

This is the result of their research and development bioPC. With Heat resistance> 100 ° C, Supervisor chemical resistance and unrivaled Impact resistance, this is the perfect material for industrial applications. Our BPA-free formula ensures it is safe for people and the planet too, and the fact that you can print it on an open machine makes sure of that excellent printability.

The recommended printing temperature for bioPC is 260-290 ° C with a heating bed temperature of 80-100 ° C. BioPC will be published on Friday, November 17th and is available in three colors; black, white and natural, in 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm in diameter.

Based in the UK, Filamentive is a 3D printer filament brand that offers the highest quality 3D printing materials from recycled and sustainable sources. If you are interested in the order, please use the code 3dprintcom to the 15% discount Your first order!

You can also “try it before you buy” by requesting a FREE filament sample of either recycled PLA, recycled ABS, or recycled PETG filament.

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Ravi Toor is the founder and director of Filamentive.

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