Evonik launches medical implant-grade PEEK 3D printing filament

Evonik launches medical implant-grade PEEK 3D printing filament

Specialty Chemical Company Evonik has officially launched its PEEK 3D printing filament for custom medical implants.

First announced in 2018, VESTAKEEP i4 3DF is an ASTM F2026 compliant material that meets specifications for PEEK polymers for surgical implant applications. The natural-colored material was developed for standard, PEEK-compatible extrusion-based 3D printers and is manufactured under strict clean room conditions. It benefits from biocompatibility, biostability, X-ray transparency and ease of use.

“For modern medical technology, the development of our first 3D printable implant material opens up new possibilities for adapting patient treatments. Orthopedics and maxillofacial surgery are examples of areas in which this could be used, ”explained Marc Knebel, Head of the Medical Devices and Systems Market Segment at Evonik. “Innovative high-performance materials such as Evonik’s VESTAKEEP PEEK, together with highly complex hardware and software and the perfect coordination between materials and machines, form the basis for a sustainable 3D printing revolution in medical technology. We will therefore gradually expand our product portfolio of 3D printable biomaterials. “

In addition to its implant filament, Evonik also offers a test version that offers exactly the same product properties, but without the documentation required for approval in medical applications. This gives potential users an inexpensive way to adapt the processing properties of the material to the 3D printer they choose.

Evonik has steadily expanded its additive manufacturing portfolio over the past 12 months through partnerships with a number of hardware providers such as Voxeljet. Develop and Cubicureand with the introduction of new high-performance materials, including the latest RESOMER PrintPowder.

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