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Dissolvable Filament | Hackaday

Over the past year, the next big thing in 3D printing seems to be dual and multi-extrusion. This will give you multicolored objects, but with the right filament you can also print objects that otherwise couldn’t be printed. This week Airwolf 3D announced its HydroFill water-soluble liner. They had a few proofs and an aquarium, and yes, this stuff dissolves in water quickly.

There have been some problems with dissolvable support material in the past. PVA is water soluble, but it doesn’t print well. HIPS can be dissolved in lime, but the resulting goo is toxic. Airwolf’s HydroFill outperforms both filaments, and the prints compare nicely to what E3D recently showed off with their scaffold filament.

Check out my video below for where [Jack Licorish] goes into the properties of HydroFill.

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Do you think applying molten plastic on a 3D printer is as easy as squeezing plastic filaments out of a hot pipe? It’s not, and anyone who had a 3D printer in 2009 would tell you that. There were ground bolts that tore the plastic into a sticky paste, extremely large X-slides that jiggled everything, and nothing worked as well as it does today.

Technology is advancing, and at this year’s Midwest RepRap Festival, people showcased the latest advances in pressing plastic and something that hasn’t been used much – dissolvable filament.

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