Davis-Customary to showcase TPE tubing and ABS filament line at MD&M West 2020

Davis-Standard to showcase TPE tubing and ABS filament line at MD&M West 2020

Davis-Standard will exhibit an ongoing TPE tubing and ABS filament line during MD&M West (February 11-13).

The line will demonstrate the versatility of processing by laying TPE tubes on the first two days of the fair and ABS filaments on the third day. The line is able to process a wide variety of flexible hose materials.

Kevin Dipollino, Senior Product Manager for Tubing, Profile and Tubing Systems, said, “This line is an excellent example of a space-saving system that can be used for both medical and industrial tubing footprint and functionality for line speeds up to 300 Feet per minute (~ 91 mpm) when space is a limiting factor. The line also has a turntable to allow processing at a 90 degree angle and to accommodate additional space constraints such as those encountered in clean room environments. “

Cooperative approach

The line components include a Davis-Standard 50mm Super Blue extruder with e-TPC-II control, a Guill spiral crosshead nozzle and tool, a Conair 12-foot multipass vacuum sizing tank, a servo puller, and an automatic and transfer winder as well as Zumbach OD / ID wall gauge and control system. The TPE material is supplied by Teknor Apex.

Davis-Standard has worked with Guill, Conair and Zumbach for many years to offer customers complete system solutions. The TPE tubing that will be installed at the show has an outside diameter of 0.145 inches and an inside diameter of 0.0108 inches, and the ABS filament rod has an outside diameter of 1.75 mm. Each line component is designed for tight tolerances, consistent quality and performance efficiency.

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