Cyrus 3D printers Releases New 3D Printing Filament Vary

Terminator skeleton

3D printed terminator skeleton

A good print really depends on the quality of the filament and not just the machine and software

Cyrus printers based in the Netherlands are best known for their printers. This Dutch startup has now released a whole range of new filaments that are cheaper compared to the rest of the market while keeping the quality high.

The process of making the new range of filaments took some time to make them affordable to the public.

“We all know that quality prints depend on three things. A rigid and good machine, proper cutting software and high-quality filaments.” says Sasan Seyedi of Cyrus printers. “We knew we needed good filaments to get the full potential of the Cyrus printer. We tested over 20 filament companies and each time the problem became more obvious. Either the quality was low and the price was good, or the quality was good enough , but the price was just too high to justify in our eyes. “

You worked closely with a Dutch company specializing in bioplastics. This new filament series will be available in 25 colors in PLA and ABS. Other materials that are also available are PVA, nylon and flexible filaments, as well as bamboofill. At the moment the filament is only available in 1.75mm, but they are considering offering 3mm in the future.

“The tolerance of the filament is less than 0.05mm, which is nothing compared to what the market currently offers.” Seyedi states. “Cheap filament usually has a greater tolerance, which is between 0.1mm and 0.25mm. This large difference is critical to printing at 150 microns and less. If you try to print at 100 microns, your machine believes that it is pushing 1.75mm when in reality it is pushing 1.9mm filament or 1.6mm filament which ruins the print. “

One interesting note is that they are working on new polymers and test materials for printing that will exceed the printing temperatures of most printers. Most printers print at a maximum of 280 degrees Celsius. You have successfully managed to print Teflon at 420 degrees and are in the very early stages of trying PEEK. In recent years, the market has been full of plastic-based filaments. If you move away from this way of thinking, you may be able to open up new features to FDM printers in the future that other 3D printing technologies in this price range cannot match.

Cyrus’ core business is not selling filaments, but providing an open spool of filament that anyone can use, whether they have a Cyrus printer or not. This allows them to lower the final selling price, as the sale of filaments is not a form of a money machine, but an added service for anyone who, according to the company, wants high quality filaments. The price for the PLA / ABS is 19.99 euros for a reel of 750 grams. The PVA flexible filaments that glow in the dark cost more due to the additional labor and material costs.

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