Covestro and Nexeo Plastics develop PC/ABS mix 3D printing filament

Covestro and Nexeo Plastics develop PC/ABS blend 3D printing filament

covestroThe product range of 3D printing materials continues to grow with a new polycarbonate / ABS filament developed in collaboration with the global distributor for thermoplastic resins Nexeo plastics.

As part of a long-term collaboration, the two have launched Addigy FPB 2684 3D, a new polycarbonate blend for extrusion-based 3D printing, which should retain its toughness and UV resistance even in environments with higher temperatures of up to 122 degrees Celsius . This makes it ideal for components outdoors and provides an “extremely smooth” surface finish.

Patrick Rosso, Global Head of Additive Manufacturing at Covestro, commented: “In recent years, Nexeo Plastics and Covestro have worked intensively on customer applications and material requirements for OEMs. This shared know-how forms the basis on which the product is based and will be introduced on the Ultimaker Cura platform to offer our customers the most convenient and reliable PC printing solution. “

Nexeo Plastics is said to have tested the material in scenarios based on real printing requirements. Ultimaker has also co-developed the printing parameters for the Addigy FPB 2684 3D for use on its Ultimaker S3 and S5 series printers.

“As part of our business growth strategy, we continue to invest in expanding our 3D printing product portfolio and support services,” said Paul Tayler, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nexeo Plastics. “Our collaboration with Covestro underscores our commitment to offer great products and to work with industry leaders to support a wide variety of users and manufacturing needs.”

The material is available in black and white through Nexeo Plastics’ distribution platform, but more colors are expected to be added later this year.

Since Covestro took over DSM’s Resins & Functional Materials business last year for a value of 1.61 billion euros, the company has expanded its portfolio of additive manufacturing materials to include materials such as Arnite AM2001 GF (G), which is used for 3D pellet printing and partnerships with companies like Polymaker, which recently unveiled its Polymaker PC-r polycarbonate filament, which uses a recycled polycarbonate developed by Covestro TCT Asia.

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