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Nylon is a difficult material to 3D print, especially for extrusion-based systems. The material tends to warp up at insane rates, and it’s one of the biggest culprits in terms of airborne moisture absorption, which causes numerous problems. However, due to its advantages, the material is worth trying to overcome its disadvantages. It’s incredibly strong, durable, flexible when thin, and overall versatile. It works well for a number of uses. Add carbon fiber and you have awesome material. ColorFabb’s latest 3D printing material does just that – and also eliminates the disadvantages of nylon.

PA-CF Low Warp is a carbon fiber infused polyamide material with the mechanical properties of PA6, but with very little warping. It can be printed on desktop 3D printers that have an extruder temperature range of at least 260 ° C and can mount an abrasion-resistant nozzle. The filament has excellent tensile and impact strength and can hold its properties at 120 ° C. Prints with a low filling can print without warping on a non-heated build platform, while prints with a higher filling only require 40 ° C to 50 ° C.

The filament is also designed to have very low moisture absorption – 50% less compared to PA6, and it takes four times as long to reach saturation point. It’s well suited for applications like automotive, functional prototyping and parts manufacturing, fixtures, and more. It’s a lightweight material that is less dense than regular PA thanks to the carbon fiber content, which also makes it stiffer.

“The ability to print materials on a technical level on any desktop 3D printer is very exciting,” said Ruud Rouleaux, director at colorFabb. “In most cases, printing engineering materials can be very difficult. However, in our tests with several popular 3D printers, we found that the PA-CF Low Warp has excellent properties and can even be printed without warping on a build plate at ambient temperature. This is tremendous value for a material that has been known to be difficult to print. “

PA-CF Low Warp is the first material to be developed as part of colorFabb’s new partnership with the chemical company LEHVOSS Group, which launched its LUVOCOM 3F 3D printing material line in 2017.

“We are pleased that colorFabb has selected our materials for their high-performance PA filaments,” said Thiago Medeiros Araujo, Market Development 3D Printing at the LEHVOSS Group. “With our LUVOCOM 3F product line for extrusion-based 3D printing, we are concentrating on high-performance applications. Our materials enable the use of 3D printing not only for traditional prototyping applications, but also for functional parts and series production. An improved layer adhesion and less warping in connection with the high-quality filament technology from colorFabb make the entire process reliable and repeatable. “

PA-CF Low Warp is available in the colorFabb webshop for € 79.95 per 700 gram spool. colorFabb also has a special offer where you can get the filament together with a 0.4 mm Olsson Ruby nozzle for € 176.75. Shipping begins tomorrow, December 19th.

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