AIO Robotics releases new PLA filament

Image: AIO Robotics

The PLA filament market has been quite competitive as PLA filaments could probably be the most basic material for 3D printing. Although new PLA filaments are constantly being developed with small or large improvements.

Not proprietary

California based company AIO Robotics released its new PLA filament on August 22nd. The new Premium PLA filament line is offered in 500 g spools and is available in 12 different colors. The filament is compatible with all non-proprietary 1.75mm PLA 3D printers.

With non-proprietary PLA filaments, we have by far several options. For example, both FormFutura and Verbatim make this type of filament. Formfutura is sold in 500g and Verbatim is 1kg. With the release of the new filaments from AIO Robotics, users can now choose from more options to suit their different needs.

Image: AIO Robotics

Other properties

From the descriptions, AIO Robotics has considered 5 critical considerations in order to solve the most common problems with filament spools. They are: less tangles; less weight and stress; store dry; true round accuracy; universal coil design.

By narrowing the spools on offer, the new filament is said to reduce the tangles that would normally be annoying to a 3D printer user.

Image: AIO RoboticsImage: AIO Robotics

“The reason for designing 500g spools is pretty simple. As you extrude the filament, there is less stress on your 3D printer. The drag forces of our filament spools are significantly lower than other 1 kg spools, which leads to less breakage. The extruder pulls the filament out of the light coil more gently, resulting in more reliable prints. “(Jens Windau, CEO of AIO Robotics)

The company claims that the total weight of the spool of AIO Robotics filament is 710 g (1.57 lbs), which is much lighter than the standard spools.

Image: AIO RoboticsImage: AIO Robotics

The new filament is available now on Amazon for $ 9.99. If you’re curious, you can try it online.

Feature Image: AIO Robotics

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